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Three Questions with Josh Guesman from Corner of the Galaxy.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
1. Los Dos are coming into this match as the top team in the Western Conference. What has gone so right for them to get them in this position?

LA Galaxy II have been scoring a lot of goals. They currently lead USL with 17 goals and have scored 3 goals or more 3 times in the season. And Scoring goals can go a long way toward bailing your defense out. But realistically they’ve been lead by Jack McBean who’s scored 9 goals in 8 games and just 7 starts. He’s the captain this year and even from the leading edge of the attack he’s a two way threat. His hold up play allows this young team to use it’s speed to outplay more experienced and physically bigger defenses.

2. Who are some players that Republic fans should watch out for on Saturday?

As mentioned above, Jack McBean is definitely one of the guys to watch out for. But Another two would be Jose Villarreal and Ariel Lassiter. Both guys are signed to the MLS Team but have spent most of their time with LA Galaxy II. Villarreal is coming back from an early injury. But there are many people who would like to see him playing for the Senior team. Lassiter is son of MLS Superstar Roy Lassiter. His nickname is the "Goal Puppy" and the LA Galaxy signed him to an MLS contract after his outstanding season last year. He’s a pure striker and has a nose for goal.

3. Which players, if any, do you expect to make the jump to the first team this season?

That’s such a difficult question to answer. One because so many players are on MLS contracts and can easily get some time with Senior team, and two because the senior team is so stacked it’s hard to get playing time for any of these guys. But McBean, Lassiter, and Villarreal are all high on the list. With Raul Mendiola just below them. Mendiola is coming off an ACL injury but he’s a midfield player that has real creativity and flair.

Predicted Lineup and score:

With the way the LA Galaxy switch lineups trying to get senior team guys minutes and also trying to balance their young academy kids this is always a useless endeavor. Also, the senior team plays the next day so there may be a couple players that will dress for the 18 that you don’t expect and won’t play in this game. Add to it that Los Dos will be playing their third game in the last 8 days and it means the lineup could be anything.

LA Galaxy II Starting XI: Diop; Romney, Turnley, Nishanian, Smith; Covarrubias, Jaime Villarreal, Jose Villarreal; Mendiola, Lassiter, McBean