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Drew Skundrich voted Indomitable City Soccer’s Sacramento Republic Midfielder of the Year

He took the captain’s armband and elevated his game.

Courtesy of Sacramento Republic FC.

The latest of our offseason awards polls is in the books, and it’s time to award the 2020 Indomitable City Soccer Sacramento Republic FC Midfielder of the Year. Let me open the envelope...

Drew Skundrich wins Midfielder of the Year, an award for midfielders who primarily play a two-way game in the middle of the field (not in defense or in attack specifically). The 25-year-old, in his second season with Sac Republic, made 14 appearances in 2020, scoring two goals. He also served as the captain for the bulk of the season, an endorsement of the midfielder’s importance and leadership on the team.

Skundrich beat out a formidable group for the honor, taking 39 percent of the vote, with legendary midfielder Rodrigo Lopez second with 26 percent.

Again, it was a good crop of midfielders on the squad, but I think Skundrich was the standout. He seems like a player who deserves a new look at MLS, and it will be interesting to see if he gets that opportunity or if he further cements his place as a leading USL Championship player. To an extent, Skundrich’s skills aren’t usually very flashy and he doesn’t get a lot of recognition around the league, something he honestly deserves.

At any rate, he takes the title from ICS as the best midfielder on the team this year. Congrats to Drew and keep up the good work.

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