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Welcome to Indomitable City Soccer

An introduction to Indomitable City Soccer, an SB Nation blog dedicated to providing the best coverage of Sacramento Republic FC.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Republic FC/Douglas Taylor

Hello and welcome to Indomitable City Soccer, your new home for all manner of coverage, opinion, and general good times related to Sacramento Republic FC. We are thrilled to have been invited to join the SB Nation network, and excited to get to work.

Our goal here is simple: to provide you, the fans, with the best possible coverage of Sacramento Republic FC. We will strive to bring you the latest news, the best analysis, and the most fascinating stories that we can. We'll be bringing you stories from all parts of the Republic organization, on the field and off, from the first team down to the academy program.

We are also in the unique position of being the only SB Nation blog dedicated to a USL team, so expect to see coverage of some of the league's biggest stories on here as well.

We may be new here on SB Nation, but Indomitable City Soccer and the minds behind it are anything but new to the soccer blogging game. We were founded in August of 2015 by a group of seasoned USL blogging veterans, just in time to watch the Republic make and crash out of the playoffs. Since then we have grown our team, expanded our coverage, and now made the move to this wonderful new site.

Over the course of this week, our team will be introducing themselves to you and the world at large. We have a ton of great things planned and are looking forward to sharing them all with you.

Please look around and make yourself at home. We invite you all to interact with us in the comments of our stories or by Fanshots and Fanposts. This is your community as much as it is ours, and we are looking forward to working together with you all to make it the best it can be.

For those of you just joining us here at Indomitable City Soccer, welcome. For those who have been with us since our non-SB Nation beginnings, welcome back.

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