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Thoughts from Sacramento Republic's 4-0 win over Sonoma County Sol

If Sacramento Republic plays a friendly and there's no official stream, does Indomitable City Soccer write about it? You bet.

Photo Credit: Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

Sacramento Republic won their second preseason friendly of the year on Saturday, with a dominant 4-0 victory over NPSL team,  Sonoma County Sol. Thomas Stewart, Emrah Klimenta, and James Kiffe provided the goals, with Stewart bagging a brace.

With no official stream for the match, some awesome members of the Republic staff set up a Periscope stream for fans to watch. Although it was an obviously lower-than-usual-quality stream, it was still great to see the team go through the trouble to provide the option for fans to check out the game.

The streaming situation was not the only unusual thing about Saturday's match. The referees that were scheduled for the match did not show up, but the clubs made the best of the situation. According to a Sonoma County Sol spokesperson, rather than let all the 1500 fans down, the teams chose to make the best of the situation. Sonoma supplied two licensed - albeit not uniformed - linesmen, while the Republic provided Team Administrator Jason Corbally as the center ref, and the game got underway.

The Republic got in the driver's seat early with Stewart's goal in the fifth minute from the penalty spot. His second one came in the 62nd minute off an assist from Max Alvarez.

Stewart's brace brought his total number of goals scored against Sonoma County Sol to five in two matches. Although it should be said that he is dropping these goals on a lower-league opponent, scoring a hat trick in one game and a brace in the next is a pretty impressive record of punishment against one team.

According to Indomitable City Soccer photographer Alex Leguizamo, who was on hand to watch the game, Alvarez's assist on Stewart's second goal of the night capped off an impressive performance. Alex said that Alvarez tore up the right flank, putting his speed to good use. His good performance in Saturday's match and throughout preseason gives me hope that we will hopefully see something closer to the 2014 Max Alvarez, when he put together a fantastic rookie season.

Alex also said that Mackenzie Pridham played well once again, showing a real hunger for goal.

Another impressive performance came from James Kiffe. The left back put in the production that Republic fans are used to seeing from him, playing some good defense and serving in some great crosses. He also got a late goal for his troubles, chipping the goalkeeper in the 86th minute.

The Republic continue their preseason next Thursday against PDL team Fresno Fuego at Chukchansi Park. Kickoff is at 6:30 pm.

Republic Lineup and Final Stats

Starting XI: Dominik Jakubek; Emrah Klimenta, Derek Foran, Chris Christian (out 60), James Kiffe; Danny Barrera (out 68), Octavio Guzman (out 68), Max Alvarez (out 66), Agustin Cazarez (out 68); Thomas Stewart (out 77), Mackenzie Pridham (out 68).

Bench: Mike da Fonte (in 60), Matt LaGrassa (in 68), Joaquin Rivas (in 68), Manny Cazares (in 66), Alfonso Motagalvan (in 68); Diego Lopez (in 77), Cameron Iwasa (in 68), Evan Newton (unused), Harry Williams (unused).

Stats: 23 Shots, 12 Shots on Goal, 2 Saves, 8 Fouls, 4 Corner Kicks, 3 Offside.