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Beeman's Republic: Futsal in Davis, JJ Koval Speculation, and a New Defensive Signing

Photo Credit: Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

In this week's episode of Beeman's Republic - the first to be posted directly here on ICS - Josh talks with Evan Ream about the growing futsal movement in Davis and just what makes the game so fun and so important.

Josh also indulges in a favorite pastime of wild speculation by sharing his take on whether or not JJ Koval would be a good signing for Sacramento Republic, partly in response to something he wrote himself.

Finally, Josh also talks about the Republic's newest signing, 19 year old Mexican defender Carlos Rodriguez.

Beeman's Republic is the current official podcast of Indomitable City Soccer. It is hosted by ICS Managing Editor Josh Beeman and covers Sacramento Republic FC and soccer in and around Sacramento.

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