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USL Eastern Conference Power Rankings

The first-ever USL Power Rankings from ICS are here, and we're bringing them to you one conference at a time (because, you know, East won't play West until October).

Steve Aibel/

Four weeks into the season, we proudly present our first edition of the Eastern Conference Power Rankings. I have partnered with Evan Eyster (eeyster), who will cover the West, and we will be using the Elo Rating system to rank each conference.

We believe this is the perfect time to release rankings because most clubs have played four matches, providing a solid basis for measuring performance. So, without further ado, here are the Eastern Conference Power Rankings!

Remember, a team rated 1100 is considered an average team.  For a more comprehensive version of what Elo ratings are and what they mean, check out this article.


Rank Club Rating
1 1114
2 Louisville City 1108
3 Richmond 1107
4 Wilmington 1106
5 Charleston 1105
6 1105
7 Rochester 1104
8 FC Cincinnati 1101
9 Charlotte 1098
10 Bethlehem 1096
11 Harrisburg 1096
12 Pittsburgh 1096
13 FC Montreal 1083
14 1081


Going unbeaten through their first four matches, New York Red Bulls II sit atop the conference, with a win on the road over Louisville proving decisive. As for City, its big win over FC Cincinnati, secured second, and Richmond follows in third.

The Pennsylvania clubs are tied at 1096 points each, but Bethlehem holds the tie-breaker, with six points in the season table.

The two winless clubs, FC Montreal and Orlando City B, bring up the bottom of the rankings with 1083 and 1081 points respectively. OCB has the chance to move up, with its next three matches coming against Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and FC Montreal, all in the bottom four.

What are your thoughts on the rankings? Which clubs do you think are poised to move up? Who has had the best start to the season? Let us know in the comments below!