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USL Western Conference Power Rankings

The first-ever USL Power Rankings from ICS are here, and we're bringing them to you one conference at a time (because, you know, East won't play West until October).

Steve Aibel/

Four weeks into the season, we proudly present our first edition of the Western Conference Power Rankings. I have partnered with Ryan Allen (ILM_Ryan), who will cover the East, and we will be using the Elo Rating system to rank each conference.

We believe this is the perfect time to release rankings because most clubs have played four matches, providing a solid basis for measuring performance. So, without further ado, here are the Eastern Conference Power Rankings!

Remember, a team rated 1100 is considered an average team.  For a more comprehensive version of what Elo ratings are and what they mean, check out this article.


Rank Club Rating
1 Vancouver Whitecaps 2 1114
2 Swope Park Rangers 1111
3 Los Angeles Galaxy II 1109
4 Sacramento Republic 1107
5 San Antonio FC 1107
6 Colorado Springs Switchbacks 1107
7 Rio Grande Valley Toros 1105
8 Arizona United 1103
9 Real Monarchs 1102
10 Saint Louis FC 1099
11 Tulsa Roughnecks 1095
12 Oklahoma City Energy 1093
13 Orange County Blues 1090
14 Portland Timbers 2 1082
15 Seattle Sounders 2 1076


After a major shakeup in the final days of the USL week which saw Sacramento, San Antonio and Colorado Springs all drop games on the road, Vancouver and Swope Park have taken the first two places in the power rankings.  These are two of only five sides in the USL West that have played less than four matches to date.

MLS 2 sides are quickly rising to the top of the rankings, or in the process of trying to minimize the bleeding early in the season.  The top three sides are all MLS2 teams, but so are the bottom two.  This trend will be something to track moving forward, as the USL East is experiencing something similar to date.

The upcoming week will see the Republic (1107) host Saint Louis (1099), which has been hovering around the 1100 mark the entire season.  We will also get to experience multiple games between top teams as #1 Vancouver (1114) travels to #3 Los Angeles (1109) and #5 San Antonio (1107) travels to #6 Colorado Springs (1107).

It will be an entertaining week, and I will be back next week to recap what happened, and what has changed.

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