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Sacramento Republic By the Numbers: Home Field Disadvantage

The Republic's performances last week left us feeling a bit down. This week's look at the numbers is a bit of a mixed bag.

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

Well that week was certainly something that happened. Between Wednesday's unmitigated disaster that the Levee Patrol dubbed the Silence of the Quails (which I am still tying to strike from my memory) and the Foran incident part deux, this week's look at the numbers might be interesting.

6 - Sacramento Republic league games in which both teams have scored multiple goals.

3 - Number of those games where the opponent was Los Dos.

3 - All time wins by the home team in Republic - LA Galaxy II games.

12 - Games played between Sacramento to Los Angeles.

51 - Cards given in those games.

7 - Times Sacramento has allowed multiple goals at home in USL play.

3 - Number of those games that were against Los Dos.

3 - Times Sacramento has lost the following game after a game in which they allowed multiple goals.

16 - The Republic's streak of not conceding multiple goals, which ended last Saturday.

7 - Different goal scorers for the Republic this USL season.

2 - Goals scored by the leading goal scorers, Tommy Thompson and Cameron Iwasa.

0.58 - Increase in points gained per game when Sacramento plays on the road as opposed to playing at home.

5 -  Where Sacramento ranks among USL teams in points gained per game on the road.

22 - Where Sacramento ranks among USL teams in points gained per game at home.

35 - Points Sacramento would gain at home if they win every single one of their remaining games at Bonney.

32 - Points gained by Sacramento at home in 2014.

1 - More home games that Sacramento will play in 2016 than in 2014

38 - Points Sacramento gained on the road in their first two seasons combined.

26 - Points Sacramento is on pace to gain on the road this season.

What do you think of the Republic's play so far this season?  Are you more impressed by the defense and the road performance, or are you more concerned with the lack of the goals and the home woes?  Sound off in the comments below.