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Sacramento Republic By the Numbers: Week 20

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

Sacramento has now ended their difficult five game road trip, where every opponent is either looking like a lock to make the playoffs or at the very least is in the running.  After wrapping the trip up with a win over Oklahoma City and then getting a late draw against San Antonio at home despite the best efforts of Josh Ford, things are beginning to look up. The ball is being spread around, and the Republic is in a good spot despite what seems to be some back luck.

Here are how things look by the numbers.

3 -€” Penalty kicks awarded to Republic so far this USL season

3 -€” Republic players who have attempted a penalty kick (Tommy Stewart, Tommy Thompson and Octavio Guzman)

2 -€” Penalty kicks converted by Sacramento this USL season (Thompson's against Seattle Sounders 2 and Guzman's against San Antonio last weekend).

135 -€” Days since Sacramento had last converted a penalty kick attempt.

1 -€” Remaining weeks this USL season where Sacramento plays multiple games in a single week.

2 -€” Teams who had scored on Oklahoma City in the second half before the Republic did last Tuesday.

2 -€” Goals scored at the 90th minute or later by Republic this USL season.

1 -€” Player who scored his first goal for Republic this past week (James Kiffe)

12 -€” Unique players who have scored for Republic this USL season

6 -€” Goals scored by Republic that have come to players listed as defenders (da Fonte -€” 3, Klimenta -€” 2, Kiffe -€” 1)

26 -€” Percent of Republic's total goals that have come from a defender.

27.8 -€” Percent of Republic's total assists (5 of 18) that have come from a defender.

72 -€” Percent of Republic goals this USL season that have been assisted.

0 -€” Losses for Republic in months that are not April and July.

0.95 -€” Goals allowed by Republic per game. They are one of three teams in the USL West, along with OKC Energy and Colorado Springs Switchbacks, who have allowed less than one goal per game.

71 -€” Shots saved by goalkeepers playing against Republic this USL season

2 -€” If a single goalkeeper made as many saves as have been made against Republic alone, he would be second in total saves in the USL and trail only Alex Mangels of the Tulsa Roughnecks.

With twelve players now on the score card for Republic, and the numbers backing up that the opposing keeper seems to always inherit temporary superhuman powers when playing against the Republic lined out, we look forward to a rematch with Saint Louis this week.

Are the numbers going to be in favor of Sacramento this weekend, or will playoff hopeful Saint Louis be able to put up a good home performance?  Find out how it all happened next week, by the numbers.