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Republic By The Numbers: Week 24

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

They needed a second half comeback to do it, but Sacramento Republic because the first team in the Western Conference to clinch the playoffs with Saturday's win over the Orange County Blues.  In this week's Republic By the Numbers, we look back at this current season, at past seasons, and at which players on the pitch do the most to help the Republic find success.

47 -€” Points gained by Republic through their first 27 games this USL season.

46 -€” Points gained by Republic through the 28 game 2015 USL season.

15 -€” Unique players who have scored for the Republic in USL play this season after Matt LaGrassa added his name to the list against Orange County with his first professional goal.

13 -€” The Republic have outscored their opponents by 13 this season when Chris Christian is on the pitch, the largest differential for any Republic player.

12 -€” When Octavio Guzman, James Kiffe, and Cameron Iwasa are all on the field, the Republic have outscored their opponents by 12.

9 -€” Assists by current USL leader Danny Barrera this season, the most ever by a Republic player in a single season.

53 -€” Maximum number of points required to host a playoff game in the West this USL season.

2 -€” The Republic need 2 wins in their last three games to host a playoff match.

54 -€” Maximum number of points required to secure a top two seed in the West this USL season.

4 -€” Number of goals the Republic can allow in their final three games and still set their single season record for fewest goals allowed per game.

8 -€” The Republic's current unbeaten streak.  The third longest unbeaten streak in club history in USL play, just behind a streak of 9 earlier this season and a 10 game streak in the 2014 season.

With only three games to go in the season, going undefeated would set a record for the longest unbeaten streak in team history, just before the playoffs start.  With a tight race at the top of the West, every point counts.

Will Barrera hit ten assists this season?  Will Iwasa set the Republic record for goals in a season?  Will Republic set a club record for longest unbeaten streak?  Let us know in the comments.