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USL Playoffs - ICS Bracket Challenge

Think you can predict the USL Cup? Prove it, and let’s have some fun.

16 teams. One Champion.
Ryan Hodek

The 2017 USL Cup Playoffs kick off Friday night, with 1v8 matchups in the East and West. We’ll be watching, and more importantly, we’ll be checking scores against our picks, because what good is a bracket without a little friendly competition?

We want you, members of this community old and new, to give us your picks for the playoffs. Our own Ryan Hodek created a handsome bracket, so you can fill it out and upload an image to the comments, or simply type them out. Next week we’ll score them and report back to the masses how everyone did.

Let’s keep this simple. One point for correctly guessing a first round match, two for the next, four for the next, and eight points for the Cup Final.

For guidance, check the numbers-based approach in our prediction pieces for the Eastern and Western Conferences. Now that you know how Ryan and Evan are leaning in the first round, the rest of the ICS staff will be posting their brackets in the comments below. (Right, guys?)

Will there be a prize? I dunno. Maybe? We’ll figure something out. Good luck!

Ryan Hodek