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Post-Match Quotes: Buckle on Republic’s 3-2 win over Tulsa

Buckle pleased with the win, but acknowledges that there is still work to do

Alex Leguizamo/ Indomitable City Soccer

On the come-from-behind win

To go behind, to claw back and level it and win it like we did was great. I’m sure it was exciting for our fans, but not so exciting for me because I know we can be a lot better.

On the fight of the club to come back

I am delighted with the fight, [but] tactically we were not positive enough….especially down Kiffe’s side. When you play the system we play, James Kiffe and Hall need to go and be [up] at the press. I don’t want to stand here and bore you with tactics, but it’s important at the professional level, and he didn’t do it. We want the strikers to press high, but they’ve got a fullback and center back, and James is back there comfortable and we don’t want to be comfortable. We want to get on the front foot.

I don’t know if everyone was anxious…[I mean], of course we’re going to be anxious because we want to get the points, it was a must-win game for us.

We didn’t start the game well enough, but we showed great character and scored three goals. I’m delighted we got the win. We have so much to work on. We have so much to do. We’re up and running though…two games, seven goals and two wins, and of course as a Club, we need to continue to build on it.

On whether he thinks Danny Barrera is coming around

I agree, he’s been off it. We’ve been off it. We have not been at our best. And when Barrera gets around the edge of the box, I expect him to put it the top goal or at least work the goalkeeper. We’re better than that. There’s so much more to come from the team…there really is. We don’t want to criticize each other because I don’t think that’s quite fair…there’s ups and downs, but we need to be better.

He scored a goal tonight. If he’s going to play as a 10, and he’s going to play underneath the two strikers, he’s got to score goals. And Danny knows that.

On the play of Trevin Caesar and him putting pressure on the defense

Yes, he has to do that. That’s Trevin’s game. I told him he is somebody that hurts people in behind. We got players that like Danny that can put that ball [in there], but he’s got to make the runs. He’s starting to do it and that’s why he’s getting time now. He’s starting to do what I brought him to the Club to do.