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Post-Match Quotes: Buckle, Barrera, and Caesar on historic 4-1 win over Real Salt Lake

Republic FC knock off MLS side and advance in Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup

Alex Leguizamo/Indomitable City Soccer

Paul Buckle on Republic putting pressure on Real Salt Lake

We did [put pressure on them]. Straightaway if I can talk about the supporters…it was an electric atmosphere tonight and it was important for the players to respond to that, and we did. I thought they were dangerous especially around the 18-yard box, they make good runs, but we showed a lot of different things tonight. We were up 1-0, should have been more…we then concede. Especially against good teams like this, you got to attack safe. If Emrah’s coming out with the ball on the right side, we need cover behind it, and we didn’t. We played the ball to Harry, he slipped and they were in. So, we [were] back to square one.

We’ve had so much disappointment this season with results, not performances, but after that I was so proud. We reacted very well and I was delighted with the performance at the end. Character, great fitness levels, we kept the ball very well and scored some goals. We looked super dangerous.

On whether this was Danny Barrera’s best game of the season

Danny is a massive player for us. There’s a stat that came out just the other day on the balls he puts through. We haven’t quite put it in the back of the net on a lot of the balls. Look, the guy would have doubled his assists already if we would have been more dangerous in the front of the goal, but he’s a big player for us. We’re going to miss him now. He’s got a suspension which is disappointing, but that means they’ll be a chance for someone else to step up.

On what the win means

We needed it. I’ve been so disappointed. We’re in games, we’re doing a lot of good things, but we haven’t found the back of the net. There’s something about this Cup where we’re smashing goals in. I want us to take this into league [play] now.

Tonight’s a proud moment for me, my family that’s here, the players, the fans and ownership. We needed this one…it was a big win for us.

On where the win ranks in terms of what he’s accomplished as manager of the Republic

It’s massive. As I said before the game, this is my first opportunity to go up against an MLS outfit in a competitive game. We’ve seen a lot exhibition games that have been important, but this was big for me. I’ve had a lot of good nights here in Sacramento. This place is fabulous, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the last few weeks and months have not been difficult because we’ve been so hot and cold. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on it. It’s frustrating but that’s the role of head coach. I have to apologize to Rebecca and my boy because I’m not good company when things are not going right, but this is what makes the job special. I’m just pleased that we’ve been able to stick together as a group through tough times, and we have to keep on doing it.

On how far he thinks the Republic can go in the competition

Well, far I think if we get home ties, in front of our crowd and the Battalion…it was electric. These fans respond to action-packed games. And it was action-packed. I told every player tonight that I enjoyed watching you. That’s what we want. We got a good group of players here and I think that we can go further. I believed we would win tonight. Cup football is special. This has been a big lift for us. We wanted to do something different this year…of course [win] a championship, but this is special as well. I’m proud of the fight we showed and delighted for everyone at the Club.

Danny Barrera

On how the team played tonight

Well, I think as usual, we get [our] chances. We’ve been training and pounding away at finishing it and when it does go in, it’s a different story for us. Tonight we had [a goal] early, and I’m glad we were able to come back and finish. We have confidence.

In previous games, we’ve been playing well. If we scored our chances, we would never be talking about is that working or not working. Today, we finished our chances, and it showed that if we stick with our plan, we [can] break down teams…it’s just a matter of putting it away.

On whether the minutes are starting to catch up to him

Yes, absolutely. It’s a lot of running and a lot of minutes. The last three games I’ve been playing with injuries and getting through. I got suspended this weekend I guess, so I get to rest my legs for a weekend.

On building on this game for league play

We can’t steer away from what we’ve been doing. I know the results haven’t been what we would’ve liked them to be. I don’t believe that we’re giving up many clear scoring chances. I feel like other teams have taken advantage of small opportunities. So, yeah, it’s great momentum for us to actually get the goal, but at the end of the day we just need to continue to do what our game plan is. We believe in it and know that if we all do our jobs, we’ll win.

Trevin Caesar

On putting pressure on the Real Salt Lake backline

It was a great feeling. I did exactly what coach wanted and we came out successful, so it’s on to the [next] round. The fans, coaching staff and players were excited about this game and to keep moving forward.

On getting more minutes of late and if it’s helped his confidence

Yes. For me, it’s all about getting more playing time. And I’m getting playing time and {I am} starting to see some results. It’s all a work in progress... my teammates, coaching staff, so we just got to keep working hard. For me, just keep fit and prepare for our next game.