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Emrah Klimenta up for USL Goal of the Week

Defender’s second goal of the year up for weekly award

Joseph de Ocampo

It’s not every day that a center back scores a goal from the run of play. But if that center back’s name happens to be Emrah Klimenta, you might expect it to happen more often than usual.

The attacker turned fullback turned center back scored his second goal of the 2017 USL season in Republic’s 1-1 draw with San Antonio last weekend. It was an extremely well worked goal.

Now Klimenta’s goal is nominated for this week’s Goal of the Week, a league award decided entirely by fan voting.

Help Klimenta win Goal of the Week by voting here. Voting ends at 9am ET this Thursday.

If you want to watch the other goals up for consideration, check out the video below.

But seriously go vote for Emrah.