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USL Weekly Attendance Report: Week 27

Rowdies set season-high, San Antonio draw over 8k    

USL Attendance Report

Week 27 USL Matches

There were 17 games in USL action for Week 27. Here are a few highlights from the stands:

  • Republic FC listed their 14th consecutive sellout of the season with a familiar 11,569
  • San Antonio FC crested over the 8k mark for the fourth time this season – just missing their season high by 6 people
  • Tampa Bay Rowdies set a new season high with 7,786 piling in to see a matchup against Charlotte Independence after nearly a month away from home
  • Louisville City put up 6,698 in a midweek matchup against Rochester Rhinos
  • Reno had two matches this week with 6,001 coming to see a matchup againt OKC on Wednesday and 5,640 on Saturday against T2
  • Ottawa Fury and Richmond Kickers both drew around 6k in Week 27
Week 27 USL Matches

2017 USL Attendance: Through Week 27

2017 USL Attendance: Through Week 27

Reactions, points of clarity, analysis? Add your commentary on your club (or the league) in the comments below!