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Sunday Spotlight: Get to know Josh Cohen

A new series where we feature the players and people behind Republic FC

William Hodges/Indomitable City Soccer

Happy soccer Sunday! We are excited to bring you the first installment of Sunday Spotlight. This new series will feature the players and people behind Sacramento Republic FC in a short 3-4 question format. It should be a fun series and we’re looking forward to bringing it to you.

For our first Sunday Spotlight, we caught up with Republic FC keeper Josh Cohen, who has really made his mark on the club since arriving in the offseason. Cohen is a big reason why the Republic are off to a 4-2-0 start.

How has your time with the Republic been so far?

It’s been amazing being here. Sacramento is great and I am settling in. I like the area and have been able to explore a little bit. I [grew up] not too far from here, so it’s nice being close to home and having some friends and family at the games.

You’re off to a really solid start. Are you pleased with your own performance?

Definitely doing pretty well...especially from the results side of things. There’s always those little things that I want to keep on improving...I want to work on. There’s a few things in my game that I am not quite happy with yet, but that’s what this season is for.

There are certain things that you can only really get in real time during’s hard to simulate during training, so continuing to work on those things and progress so that mid-season, end of season, [I am] firing on all cylinders and continuing improving to where I want to be.

How do you think the club is coming together?

I think we’re coming together really well. One thing that you have here is guys with a ton of heart. There have been games where we’ve be down, like tonight [versus Colorado]...we fought back and never lost focus and we’re willing to grind out and do the work necessary to win.

We get results sometimes and we’re not happy. In Las Vegas, we ended up tying 1-1 after going down early on a set piece once again, and coming out of that locker room, even though we were away and ended the night with a decent result on the road, none of us were happy. That’s a really good thing to have that collective mentality. I think it’s going to help carry us especially when it gets tough mid-season.

When you’re not on the pitch, what do you do to get away from things?

When I’m not on the field, I’ve got my side projects that I work on. I like to tinker with little things. That’s what I studied and helps me keep my mind away from soccer when I’m not on the field.