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Sunday Spotlight: Get to know Adam Moffat

A new series where we feature the players and people behind Republic FC

Joe de Ocampo/Indomitable City Soccer

Happy soccer Sunday! We are excited to bring you the second installment of Sunday Spotlight. As a reminder, this new series will feature the players and people behind Sacramento Republic FC in a short 3-4 question format. This week, we spoke to midfielder Adam Moffat who is off to a nice start after missing most of last year due to injury.

First of all, it’s great to see you playing. How are you feeling?

Feeling good. Lots of minutes lately, which is good. I’ve probably played more this year than I played all of last year already, but it’s been good and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time, and [I’ve] been able to contribute, which is good. So yeah, it’s good. Hopefully I can keep it going, have a healthy year, and we can do well.

How do you feel the team is coming together?

We’re getting there. You look at the standings, it looks like we’re doing really well, but we can do a lot better...we definitely can. We’ve been doing well at practice. We feel like it’s’s just translating that on the field. It’s coming out strong right from the start...maybe scoring the first goal rather than giving it up. [There’s] just simple things. We’ll keep working on and [develop] great habits in training, and we’ll get there.

What is your thoughts on tonight’s match versus Tulsa?

It’s a home game. We expect to win every home game, but [we] put ourselves in a tough position right from the start again and made it hard on ourselves, but [it’s good] to at least get a point. For me though, it’s a missed opportunity at home. [Again], I expect to win every game at home, and [failing] to do that is not too pleasing.

When you’re not on the pitch, how do you get away from the game?

I have three young kids (laughs) this is my quiet time here at the games. Yeah, I just spend a lot of time with my family. Even when the game doesn’t go the way I like, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and my kids will be oblivious, so it puts things in perspective, but yeah, it’s good to be back playing. I’m enjoying that.