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Sunday Spotlight: Conversation with Thomas Enevoldsen

A series where we feature the players and people behind the Republic FC.

Sacramento Republic FC v Phoenix Rising FC Photo by Joe Hicks/Getty Images

It’s Sunday! And as another Sunday rolls around, a new edition of Sunday Spotlight is here!

For this edition, I talked with one of the newest additions to the Republic, Thomas Enevoldsen. We chatted about his brace against Tacoma Defiance FC, his transition to Sacramento, what he looks to bring to the club, and what he does in his off time.

Here is my chat with Enevoldsen:

Great performance [against Tacoma] with the brace and the assist. Can you walk me through the two goals you scored?

Yeah, actually I missed two big opportunities in the beginning of the match. So, I kept my head high and hoped a chance would come. I play [with] some really good players here that can create chances for me, and when I get them, I got to put them in. I put two in and I’m happy with that.

So you came into this team late on in the season. Can you talk about the transition process coming in from Indy Eleven FC into the Republic?

It’s actually been really easy. I mean the guys [have been] good from day one...[have taken] me in as one of the players. The coaches have been good. Like the whole club has been giving me a warm welcome. The fans here as well. So it’s been pretty easy to settle down. And the way we play, the style of football...that fits me way better than it did in Indy, and it’s already been showing.

Obviously goals are appreciated, but what else are you looking to bring to the team as we close out the season and go into the post-season?

Experience. There is a bunch of young guys on this team that maybe need some help at times. They can always count on me [and] my support for them. And see, we have a really good team. And now we are getting into the final part of the season, where it’s going to be a lot of pressure on us. I mean every win is so important, it could move you up a few positions in the table. It’s really close, the table. So, every win you can get is crucial.

Away from the pitch, what else do you like to do?

I like to play golf. I play with Cam [Iwasa] and Stef [Bonomo]. I’m a pretty good golfer. And with the weather out here, that’s really nice. NFL ojust started, [so] I like to watch that. It’s nice when my girlfriend is back in Denmark now for a few weeks, so I can watch a lot of NFL games [laughs].

Do you have a team?

My team is [the] Arizona Cardinals. I got family down there. So, when I started watching it like 15 years ago I needed a team. It was easy of course...I have family there. And then I’m actually supporting the Patriots a bit. We have our first Danish player [in the NFL] in many years. He got drafted earlier this year, but unfortunately got an injury. He made the cut, got the injury and is out for the season. So, I feel sorry for him.

On behalf of Indomitable City Soccer, I would like to thank Thomas for taking time out to chat with me. Be on the lookout for additional features of the players and people behind Republic FC all season long.