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Villyan Bijev voted Indomitable City Soccer’s 2020 Sacramento Republic MVP

Truly inconceivable number of votes fires attacker to win.

Courtesy of Republic FC.

We have a winner! To wrap up our series of 2020 season Sacramento Republic awards, it’s the big one, team MVP. And it was a doozy.

A truly staggering number of votes were cast, over 17,000! The bulk of those went to two players, attacker Villyan Bijev and defender Hayden Sargis. I realize there may have been some votes cast by, um, mechanical means, but maybe the entire hometowns of these guys cast votes for them, who knows.

In the end, Bijev took the prize, with 60 percent of the vote overall and over 10,000 votes in his favor. Sargis racked up 39 percent in the poll. Bijev scored four goals and two assists in 16 appearances this season, while possibly leading the team in fancy footwork one-v-one against defenders.

So there you have it. Bijev won Indomitable City Soccer’s Attacker of the Year and Team MVP, to wrap up a solid season for Sacramento Republic. On a team that was as good as Sac Republic, there were several great candidates for the MVP this season, and the votes poured in for Bijev. Congrats to Villyan!

We’ll have even more offseason content for Sac Republic, stay tuned!

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