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2020’s been weird, but there’s plenty to be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving from Indomitable City Soccer.

Screenshot via Twitter.

It’s been a long, strange year, hasn’t it?

I know, I know, it’s not quite over with. I learned this season to write that a game was scheduled to take place, rather than it was going to take place, since, you know, Sacramento Republic’s first schedule of the year was almost entirely scrapped and even the second one had a game postponed.

Roll with it. Take it day by day, and do your best. Those have been the words many of us have taken with us as we got through this truly incomprehensible year.

I’m thankful we got to see Sac Republic get back on the field this year, although I will admit I remained queasy the whole time with stress over such a strange situation. Fortunately, the team appeared to stay healthy on the coronavirus front once the games resumed.

I’m thankful it was a good season for Republic FC. You would expect nothing less, as consistency has been a hallmark of this club since they began play in 2014, but in the most trying of seasons, having them just get on with it and wrap up another playoff berth, have some fantastic moments along the way, it was great to see.

I’m thankful for the help from the club this season, from Mark Briggs agreeing to a phone interview before the shutdown, to the remote press conferences after home games to get a chance to talk to players and Briggs. The coach once jokingly accused me of trying to get him in trouble when asking about some suspect officiating on one night, but I assure everyone that I was not trying to get him in trouble, honest. Many thanks as well to the PR staff, John and Will for taking care of various requests and questions along the way, it is greatly appreciated.

I’m thankful to the help this season from Riyan Lacara and Matthew Weber on social media and on the site. They welcomed me to the team from day one and held it down, and I’m very grateful for their work.

Obviously, I’m also incredibly thankful to you, the readers. Whether you’re just reading an occasional article, jumping in every day, leaving comments or getting 10,000 of your friends to vote for Villyan Bijev in a poll, your support is something we cannot do without here. I’m not here, we’re not here, unless you’re here. So thanks for being here, and please tell your friends and family about this site, too.

With that, Happy Thanksgiving. May you stay safe, act smart, and while away the days until the next Sacramento Republic game is upon us.

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