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Report: Sacramento Republic stadium project still on track

MLS: Press Event at The Bank D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Republic FC fans have been antsy lately, and not just about the USL Championship season being postponed because of the coronavirus shutdown. Will Republic FC’s new stadium project be impacted by the shutdown?

According to a report this week in the Sacramento Bee, the project has not yet been affected, as construction isn’t scheduled to begin until this summer.

“We’re not changing our timeline right now,” said Ben Gumpert, president and COO of the Republic FC. “For now, we’re going to keep pushing.”

It seems construction projects are something that depends on the locale as far as the coronavirus so far. SoFi Stadium outside Los Angeles, to house the NFL’s Rams and Chargers, has continued construction, even though there was a COVID-19 outbreak among the crew. Local projects, including residential construction, have continued in my own town throughout the shutdown. Meanwhile, in states like Washington, construction has largely been halted.

But there are still many unknowns. Perhaps the curve will be flattened and life will begin to open back up by July, which would not affect the construction timeline at all. Perhaps there will be a resurgence and all timetables will be pushed back to further alter plans and lives. We’ll see.

One other note from the Bee’s report: The club is looking at ways to improve sanitation at the stadium when it is built. Honestly, that’s a really good idea, considering it could come in handy if we were to have another catastrophic pandemic.

But the good news is, for the moment, Sac Republic’s stadium project at the Railyards has not been delayed. We’ll keep you posted on updates to this story as we learn them.

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