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What do you want to see in Sacramento Republic’s first MLS jerseys?

Let’s swap some ideas.

MLS: Fan Celebration Event D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most exciting parts of a new season is anticipating the new jersey coming, and that anticipation is ramped up substantially for Sacramento Republic in 2022, when they’ll enter MLS.

Right now, Sac Republic run with Nike jerseys, so there will be changes when they come to MLS, where they will switch to Adidas. Beyond that? What would you like to see?

So far in their history, Sacramento have been good at establishing a consistent design with their jerseys: Sash, stripes and hoops. Chances are they’ll do something similar with some of what’s come before in MLS, but there’s likely to be new directions, too.

Right now in MLS, only one team, the LA Galaxy, consistently use a sash in their jersey, and I think that means SRFC can do a sash themselves. I think the sash is the most recognizable design for Republic FC, and will likely be a part of the inaugural MLS jerseys.

Here’s one design mock-up made and put out into the wild, and this looks like something that is very plausible for the real thing.

The secondary mock-up in that instagram post is a white jersey with very faint squiggly line vertical stripes, something that looks nice, but frankly seems more active than most MLS secondary jerseys in recent years, which have turned into a borefest, many teams trotting out basic whites with only the sponsor and three stripes providing any color or anything to break up the monotony.

Let’s hear from you? What do you want to see in a Sac Republic MLS jersey? Keep in mind that jerseys are designed on a three-year cycle, so presumably the team and Adidas are already working on it, but you never know — maybe speaking something into existence will help make it happen. You can never tell who is reading!

Feel free to try your design skills or share mock-ups you’ve seen as well. Let’s have some fun here! Let’s chat in the comments below!