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Check out the Sacramento Republic puppy cup

Celebrate some real dogs for underdog week.

YouTube (screenshot)

It is underdog week here at SB Nation, and while much of the content around underdogs concerns human sports, let’s take a moment on this Friday to remember actual dogs. Puppies, to be exact.

Sacramento Republic FC put out a video a little while back of the “World Pup,” which is a good pun if you know they’re playing on the World Cup, otherwise it sounds like a superhero dog or something. Anyway, there was a video where little puppies played soccer. And did other puppy things.

I recently got a puppy myself, so much of this was pretty familiar. Didn’t see any footage in the final cut of the video of “Ouch! No biting!” which happens a lot in my household. However, the final, hilariously unforgettable image of the video is something my own dog, an Italian Greyhound, would absolutely do.

Do you have a dog? Can you somehow connect them to Sacramento Republic? No? Don’t worry about it, let’s talk about dogs for a bit in the comments below.