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Are you more likely to ‘happy cry’ or ‘sad cry’ over Sacramento Republic FC?

Come on, let those emotions out.

Photo courtesy of Sacramento Republic FC

The theme this week around SB Nation is the “sports moments that made you cry.” It’s a mouthful, but worth thinking about.

Much of this depends on your propensity to cry in general. Are you a big crier or super stoic? If you don’t cry much you probably don’t cry in sports. I get it — my roommates never cry in movies. One time we saw “Coco” on opening weekend and literally everyone in the theater (including me) except for them was blubbering.

But yes, I cry sometimes over sports. One time my Michigan State Spartans lost a football game in dramatic fashion and I got upset and my dog comforted me and it made me feel better. One time a soccer team I followed went out of business and I cried. Another time a soccer team began and I cried at the first home game.

Most of the handful of times I’ve cried over sports it’s been because it’s sad, like a terrible loss or a team going out of business.

But as I’ve gotten older, and parenthood has exposed emotional nerves more, in recent years I’ve cried more over happy events. Winning a big game? Yes. Opening a stadium? Check! Winning a title? Definitely. So I would say I am on both sides of the divide between “happy cry” and “sad cry” in sports.

So now I want to hear from you. Are you a fan who cries during sports? And if so, do you cry over happy moments or sad ones? Got a good crying story over Sacramento Republic? Let’s chat in the comments below.