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Sacramento Republic to show 2014 USL Championship game on Saturday

Relive the glory days with special guest Tommy Stewart.

Photo Gallery: Sacramento Republic vs Kitsap Pumas SC Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

I imagine by this point in time most of us are a little tired of watching old games with no new inventory coming out, but here’s a re-airing that might perk you up a bit: Sacramento Republic FC will host their latest “Republic Rewind” episode Saturday afternoon, with special guest Tommy Stewart, former forward and leading scorer for the club, joining team announcer Rob McAllister to reminisce as they rewatch a key game in the club’s history.

The game they’ll stream is a good one, the 2014 USL Championship Final against the Harrisburg City Islanders. If you recall, Stewart played a key role in that game. If you don’t remember, hey, you can watch it and find out for yourself.

The “Republic Rewind” airing will begin Saturday at 2 pm PT. You can watch on the club’s YouTube channel, their Facebook channel or below!

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