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Sacramento Republic as the Avengers

Which players are which superheroes?

Joe de Ocampo

It’s Marvel week here at SB Nation, so why not try to match up some Sacramento Republic FC players with the Avengers?

I gave it a whack, how did I do here?

Rodrigo Lopez as Iron Man

The central figure who pulled it all together on the field, RoRo is the obvious choice to be Iron Man. Smart, wily and a natural leader, Lopez/Iron Man truly make the team what it is and cannot be truly replaced.

Cameron Iwasa as Captain America

He’s got the most glamorous job, yes, but Iwasa/Captain America back up that glamour with tons and tons of hard work. The acclaim may come, but it’s because they absolutely deserve it after all the work for the team.

Dekel Keinan as Thor

The veteran leader smolders while toiling away, but if he is crossed, watch out or you will get the hammer. In this way, he is very, very much like Thor.

Adam Grinwis as the Hulk

Listen, goalkeepers are a different type, obviously. They get jacked in the gym and they get jacked in a different sense when they have to on the field. Grinwis is new to Sac Republic but he’s got that fire and can hulk out to make sure his defense is marshaled or to intimidate the opposition.

Villyan Bijev as Spider-Man

The silky playmaker weaves his web, hitting long switches to his teammates, tangling up opponents with his nifty footwork, and gliding around the field with quiet aplomb, just like Spider-Man.

Drew Skundrich as the Winter Soldier

Much like the Winter Soldier, the midfielder is an up-and-comer, but he’s been improving and showing glimpses of an ability to be an integral member of the team at the highest level. In other words, the best is yet to come for Skundrich/Winter Soldier.

Kharlton Belmar as Black Panther

Possessing a variety of skills and talents to help the team while also making a singular name for himself, Belmar/Black Panther seems to possess magic at times but brings the results, too.

Shannon Gomez as Quicksilver

You need wheels to play fullback, and Gomez always has the burners on, making him a natural fit as Quicksilver.

Sam Werner as Hawkeye

An underdog on his team, Werner and Hawkeye just keep grinding and find their aim is true, giving everyone a huge boost in key moments.

Jaime Villarreal as Ant-Man

It doesn’t sound glamorous, but Ant-Man and Villarreal play an essential role for their team and have the ability to get stuck in literally anywhere they need to.

Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu as Doctor Strange

He’s got brains for days, and plenty of skills to go with that, as well as the swagger. AWO, your alter ego is Doctor Strange.


What do you think? How did I do with the Republic FC players as Avengers? Let me know what was right and wrong, and what your SRFC as Avengers picks would be in the comments below.