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USL announce training standards expanded

But, they still need to be in alignment with local guidelines.

Courtesy of Sacramento Republic FC.

With the USL Championship tentatively set to return to action on July 11 from the coronavirus shutdown, the league announced this week that teams now have expanded training capacities.

Specifically, teams can expand work on outdoor fields to 10 players at a time, provided they remain non-contact. So they can pass to each other, but they can’t body each other up in a scrimmage, for example.

Additionally, teams will be able to use their weight rooms and receive treatment beyond essential services for injured players again, while coaches will be able to direct action and lead training sessions again.

The caveat in all of this is that all of these expansions can only be taken with the approval of local authorities, so all the teams in the league will necessarily be able to do this right away. Judging by this not-specific tweet, it appears Sacramento Republic are ramping up their training work, however.

The expansion of training is the latest step to get teams ready for the restart. Again, that’s not set in stone, as players and the league need to come to an agreement to actually sign off on the plan, but hopefully both sides will come to an agreement on a plan to return that is fair in the coming days, and then the dominoes will all be in place for the restart. Stay tuned on that front, we’ll have details as they drop!

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