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Watch: Sideline celebration of Julian Chavez’s winner for Sacramento Republic

Feel all warm and fuzzy all over again.

Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Timbers 2

I’m sure you’re still buzzing from Sacramento Republic’s 2-1 win over Portland Timbers 2 Wednesday afternoon, where the scoring didn’t start until the 87th minute and Sacramento only won the game on the dang last kick of the game.

Yes, Mario Penagos and Julian Chavez were the heroes for Republic FC on the day, each teenager scoring his first goal at USL Championship level in the victory. Very, very dramatic stuff.

If you can’t get enough of Chavez’s game-winner, the club put out a fantastic alternate angle video of the goings-on on the sideline when he scored the goal. Some rather grainy sideline camera showed head coach Mark Briggs on the corner of the technical area as per usual, and when the goal goes in...well, see for yourself.

Great view on that video, credit to the club for producing it.

Hopefully everyone is healthy etc. etc. through that group hug, but assuming they are, can you blame them for coming together to celebrate such a dramatic winner like that?

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