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Sacramento Republic gearing up for open tryouts, start of preseason in March

It’s all happening pretty soon.

David Calvert/Reno 1868 FC (Courtesy of Republic FC)

Sacramento Republic FC are currently, like you, waiting for the start of the 2021 USL Championship season, the official drops for the regional divisions and of course the season schedule.

But plans are in place for the season starting sometime around May 1, and Sac Republic are gearing up for preseason to really kick off in a little under a month.

The club is hosting their annual open tryouts on March 6-7, for players who are age 18 and up. You can get more info and register over at Sac Republic’s website. The open tryouts often lead to a player or two getting an invitation to training camp, and occasionally, a player signed to a pro contract from it, like Ash Apollon did in 2020 with Republic FC.

For players currently under contract, some are hard at work in their pre-training camp offseason personal training programs in Sacramento, but Indomitable City Soccer understands the club plans to open full training camp on March 16.

That will give them the standard six weeks or so of prep time ahead of the season. It seems some teams are getting more leeway this year in their preseason prep, with some teams, such LA Galaxy II, already opening camp this week. Still, a six-week runway is pretty normal and should give Sac Republic plenty of time to gear up. The countdown to the countdown begins!

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