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Sacramento Republic’s Darek Formella training in a winter wonderland

Kind of puts our “winter storms” in perspective.


There’s been snowstorms throughout much of the northern locales on the North American continent this week, as those of us who live in California — for the most part — only watch videos of people shoveling their driveways and scrape snow and ice off their cars.

Where I live “going to the snow” is a day trip and I go years and years between snow experiences at this point in my life. Let’s check in on, say, Sacramento Republic FC forward Dariusz Formella, what’s he been up to?

It appears the striker is back in his native Poland, getting ready for the upcoming 2021 USL Championship season in what looks like an impending blizzard.

Don’t worry, Formella’s hometown, Gdynia, is right on the Baltic Sea in northern Poland and he’s used to snow in winter. He appears to have recently built a snowman in a separate snowfall.

As someone who doesn’t have to live in the snow these days, it looks fun!

Formella isn’t the only pro player trying to train in the snow. Here’s Sky Blue FC goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan playing keepaway from her dog in a few inches.

It’s not just training, of course. While MLS tends to have a few snow games a year, usually at Real Salt Lake or Colorado Rapids games, we don’t see a ton of snow games in the United States because leagues are out of season in the winter. But Europe, which plays through the winter in many countries, get some snow games, including this Frauen Bundesliga game Friday in Germany.

Does this look fun to watch in person? Fun to play? Do you love or hate the snow? Let us know about snow and soccer and your opinions in the comments below.