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Rodrigo Lopez has simple message for fans in aftermath of Sacramento MLS collapse

No matter what!

Courtesy of Republic FC.

Rodrigo Lopez may not be a Sacramento Republic FC player at the moment, the talismanic midfielder somewhat surprisingly a free agent after the 2020 season back at the club, but in the aftermath of the news that Sacramento’s MLS expansion bid has disappeared after billionaire Ron Burkle pulled out on Friday, RoRo had a simple, but powerful message in the aftermath.

The news on Friday was an absolute gut punch, no question about it. And the prospect that MLS never comes to Sacramento now is real, honestly.

But a subtext in all of this is that perhaps the current club, sitting right in front of us, needs us more than ever. I have no inside information, but given how swiftly changes have come in recent days, perhaps the club absolutely needs a rally and full-throated support now, not in the distant future when they’re in MLS.

Chances are, if you’re reading this you already get the need to support and this is preaching to the choir. But perhaps Lopez’s simple, but important, message is something you need to hear right now. We can think of the future, yes, but don’t forget about the present, too.

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