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Sacramento Republic team up with 4 clubs to help California farm workers

Money raised will go to pandemic support, vaccinations.

Farm Workers Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

Sacramento Republic FC joined forces with four other professional soccer teams in California — Oakland Roots, San Jose Earthquakes, LA Galaxy and LAFC — to help farm workers in the state in honor of Cesar Chavez Day on Wednesday.

The clubs are raising money, with proceeds raised here from the public today, will be matched by the clubs, up to $3,000. Those proceeds will go to the United Farm Workers Foundation, who will use it to provide support to farm workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as used for COVID vaccines for the group.

Farm workers are among the most marginalized workers in the United States — most are immigrants, move frequently due to the nature of their work, for poverty wages and in incredibly dangerous conditions. Cesar Chavez, of course, founded the United Farm Workers and helped shed light on the difficulty of daily existence for farm workers. That work is not yet done, and this initiative is a great way to offer support for those in need.

If you are a farm worker or you know someone who is: Vaccinations are open to all farm workers 18 years and older at no charge. No health insurance is required. No doctor’s note or order is needed. We encourage farm workers to call the bilingual toll-free call centers of UFW Foundation (661)-501-4280 to see what vaccination events are near them.

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