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Where you can watch Sacramento Republic games in 2021

Options local and beyond, English and Spanish.

Republic FC

We’ve got all the pieces in place for the TV schedule in 2021 for Sacramento Republic FC.

Sacramento are scheduled to be on one nationally televised USL Championship game in 2021, July 3 at San Diego Loyal, which is scheduled to be aired on ESPN2.

Beyond that, 25 games during the season will be aired on KQCA My58 in English, and EstrellaTV in the Sacramento area in Spanish. On the English broadcasts, Rob McAllister returns as play-by-play man and Kevin Goldthwaite and Adam Moffat rotating on color commentary. Meanwhile, Armando Botello and Milton Moreno are slated for Spanish play-by-play duties once again, with Sal Acevedo on color commentary.

The remaining games that are not aired on local television will be streamed on ESPN+ once again in 2021, and for everyone outside the Sacramento TV market, ESPN+ will be your destination for all but the July 3 ESPN2 game. Game replays will be available on ESPN+, too, usually for a couple weeks after the game. The first non-local broadcast will be June 9 on ESPN+, so calibrate your streaming services accordingly.

We’ll be sure to let you know exactly where you can watch each game as it comes. But the overall news is that in general, you can watch the games exactly where you typically watch them, if you can’t or won’t get out to the games in person this season.

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