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It won’t take much to get Sacramento Republic above playoff line

Now, they just have to do it.

Courtesy of Republic FC

Sacramento Republic FC are stuck in a skid the last five games, no doubt about it. They need to transform their form quickly if they are to stay in a very competitive Pacific Division.

While time is of the essence, there’s still a ton of season to be played yet, and honestly, the best news is that Sac Republic aren’t adrift in their division. Far from it.

In fact, Sacramento are just a point below the playoff line at present, sitting right smack dab in the middle of the pack. Would they rather be at the top? Of course, but it is what it is.

Courtesy of USL Championship

I think a bit of a malaise has set in to start the season, and with a slump like the team’s on, it’s no wonder there’s growing concerns in terms of results, but this is to illustrate hope of turning it around is not lost, far from it.

Republic FC will help Oakland Roots open their home slate in the USL Championship on Saturday, before taking on the heavyweight Phoenix Rising and then San Diego Loyal. There are no easy games in this season, to be sure, and I expect even Phoenix to be dropping games along the way. Sacramento are suffering from some bad luck, some bad play, and a brutal schedule.

But if they’re taken this 10-day spell as a reset of sorts, then they really only need a few wins in short order to pick up their level and more importantly, spot in the standings. It’s not a given, but it is unquestionably in the realm of the possible, starting with Saturday’s showdown against Oakland.

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