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Sacramento Republic’s game at Oakland Roots postponed due to playing surface

Well, guess we’ll try again later.

Approximately 30 minutes before Saturday’s scheduled game between Oakland Roots and Sacramento Republic FC at Laney College Stadium in Oakland, the game was officially postponed by the USL Championship due to an “unplayable field surface.”

From the looks of it, the field appeared to be artificial turf squares on the entire field, something I haven’t seen at this level ever.

If you’re wondering, this was supposed to be Oakland Roots’ home opener for the season, it was a sellout, and since they haven’t played a home game in the league yet, apparently this field issue never came up before. What’s odd, however, is how we got this far down the road before the league and Professional Referees Organization realized how bad it was and then cancelled the game after everyone arrived.

I feel terrible for the fans of both teams, Oakland for having their big day ruined, and Sacramento for making the trip for nothing. I am glad the players were not forced to play on it, if it was truly dangerous. We’ll see when the game will be rescheduled.

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