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Question of the Week

Which SRFC players do you want to see in the USOC?

The US Open Cup is often the time we see some less familiar faces suit up for the Republic. Who would you like to see?

QOTW: Should loan players start or ride the bench?

The ICS staff looks into the Republic's affiliation with San Jose and the question of whether or not the loanees should be starting.

QOTW: How would you fix the Sac Republic offence?

It's time to play coach once again, this time to tackle the Republic's scoring woes.

QOTW: Which Players Would You Take to MLS?

With talk of MLS expansion in the air and a visit from Don Garber on the horizon, the ICS staff is going hypothetical this week to choose players who we would like to see potentially make the jump to MLS with the Republic.

QOTW: Favorite Ivan Mirković Moment?

Looking back at the best memories that former Republic midfielder (now OC Blues midfielder) Ivan Mirković gave us during his time in Sacramento.

QOTW: What is the Ideal Republic Lineup?

The ICS crew dives into the roster and plays coach for the day.

QOTW: Who will be the 2016 Republic breakout star?

On this week's Question of the Week, we talk breakout potential and our picks to see who will be the next name known and loved by the Sacramento fans.

QOTW: Which new USL West Team is the most exciting?

Four new teams are coming to the USL Western Conference this year. Who are you most excited to see Sacramento Republic face off against?

Who Should Get the Captain's Armband?

Sacramento Republic have not yet chosen a captain for the 2016 season. We're casting our votes for who we think it should be.

Let's Pick the Least Bad Name for Reno's USL Team

In the first QOTW of the year, the ICS staff put our noses where they don't belong and give our opinions on what the Reno USL team should be called.