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Question of the Week: What is your favorite Mirković Moment?

Looking back at the best memories that former Republic midfielder (now OC Blues midfielder) Ivan Mirković gave us during his time in Sacramento.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising move, Ivan Mirković, the player we all named as team captain, the player we all put in the starting lineup, has moved to Orange County. In memoriam of his now finished Sacramento Republic career, what is your favorite Ivan Mirković moment?

George Shiel (@GeorgeMShiel)

My favorite Mirković moment was an assist to David Estrada against Real Monarchs SLC last season. Mirković is remarkable as a defensive midfielder, but on May 30, 2015 he showed some offensive prowess. He received a pass in the box and gave a low cross to Estrada. It was rare to see Mirković  wide open in the box and he made the most out of the opportunity.

It's a shame he is no longer with the club as I would have loved to see him develop his offensive game more with the Republic this season.

Josh Beeman (@Josh_Beeman)

My favorite Mirković moment came after I asked him about his tendency to accumulate yellow cards on an episode of Beeman's Republic. He replied that he was glad I asked him because he'd been following the show and had heard me talk about how he always got yellow cards. In short, he said that he had been better about that in 2015 and that the league's yellow card accumulation rules should potentially be changed.

It was one small part of a great conversation, but it was one that will always stand out to me. He was always one of the most quotable Republic players, even though he wasn't interviewed all that often.

Evan Eyster (@IronPonyChef)

One of my greatest Mirković moments is his lone goal for Republic. While just scoring may not have been the biggest accomplishment, the situation in which he scored makes it stand out. August 14th, 2015. Republic was down 3-2 to Colorado Springs in stoppage time, and with the Switchbacks hunkering down, the ball bounced out near midfield to Mirković.

A ball played into the box failed to find any Republic player, or any Switchbacks player. It did however find the back of the net. A goal at 90+2' gave Sacramento a much needed point, and changed the dynamics of the USL West in the closing weeks of the regular season.

What is your favorite Mirković moment?  Sound off in the comments below