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Question of the Week: What is the Ideal Republic Lineup?

The ICS crew dives into the roster and plays coach for the day.

Photo Credit: Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

In the 1-0 away win at Seattle Sounders 2, Sacramento Republic had quite a few surprises on the roster for us, as well as a pair of loaned players from the San Jose Earthquakes. After this odd start, the following question was posed to the ICS crew: If you could set the Republic lineup, assuming that all players on the current roster were fully fit and available for play, what would it be?

Josh Beeman (@josh_beeman)

My ideal lineup would look like this:

A 4-4-1-1 like the Republic normally uses, with the starting XI being: Newton; Kiffe, da Fonte, Christian, Klimenta; Barrera, Koval, Mirkovic, Alvarez; Stewart, Pridham.

If we were to include Tommy Thompson and Adam Jahn as loans I would replace Alvarez with Thompson and Pridham with Jahn. However, seeing as how they might not be available on a consistent basis, relying on them is not really sustainable.

Jeff Shunta (@JTShunta)

I would roll with Newton, Kiffe, Foran, Christian, Klimenta; Barrera, Koval, Mirkovic, Alvarez; Stewart, Pridham.

I would keep Foran in the starting lineup in lieu of da Fonte as he played very well in the opener against S2, though I am not opposed to either starting. It would be nice to count on our Earthquake loanees, however, starting them is likely untenable.

Evan Eyster (@IronPonyChef)

I would decide to roll out a 4-4-1-1 like what we normally see, with the following starters: Newton; Kiffe, da Fonte, Christian, Klimenta; Barrera, Koval, Mirkovic, Alvarez; Williams, Stewart.

I would not have any problem with Pridham making the lineup over Williams and Stewart depending on who is hot. Ride the hot striker for as long as you can, and if a player is struggling in a matchup that is a great halftime sub. If we have the Quakes on loan, both Thompson and Jahn get the start over Stewart and Williams.

The staff mostly agrees, although with some debate over who gets the nod between Mike da Fonte and Derek Foran at the center back spot, and Mackenzie Pridham and Harry Williams at striker. Who do you think is right?  Who is wrong?  Are we all missing a key player?

Let us know in the comments as you play coach for the day.