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Coach Buckle Twitter Q&A Highlights

Republic Head Coach/Technical Director Paul Buckle answered a ton of questions in his Twitter Q&A today. Here are some of our favorites.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Sacramento Republic FC Head Coach/Technical Director Paul Buckle took control of the club's Twitter account earlier today to answer questions from fans. Here are some of the best moments from it.

This response was a little unprompted in a question about fans, but it looks like Buckle and his wife, NBC sports presenter Rebecca Lowe, are looking at houses here in Sacramento. As far as I know, this was the first public mention of the house hunt.

Buckle has been heavily involved with the Republic academy program since he was first hired last season, so it is not too surprising to see that he wants to include some academy talent as quickly as possible. We'll see how many academy kids actually get an opportunity.

Here is a bit more from Buckle on his reasoning for selling Nemanja Vukovic, a move that was not very popular with the fanbase. New signing Chris Christian seems to the replacement Buckle refers to.

A bit of insight into Buckle's preferred formations. Last year he experimented with a 4-3-3, but it seems more likely we'll be seeing something closer to a 4-4-2 this season. There's also perhaps some insight into why the search for players has taken so long, with Buckle and Director of Football Graham Smith looking for players that thrive in specific formations and systems.

Also, apparently this is toad in the hole, which is a thing I just learned exists. You learn something new everyday, I guess.

Do you have anything you saw that we didn't highlight here? Let us know in the comments.