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Don Garber (Barely) comments on MLS expansion

It was like three whole sentences.

MLS: SuperDraft Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

MLS Commissioner Don Garber made his State of the League Address today, which was about as entertaining as it sounds.

Garber discussed many things, including stadiums, roster rule changes, and, of particular interest to us in Sacramento, MLS expansion.

Unfortunately, however, expansion was little more than a footnote for The Don during the address. First, Garber payed lip service to the league’s plan for “strategic expansion” and said that the league has just finished up a year-long research study that will allow them to “make decisions that are strategically sound.”

Garber made one solid statement on expansion, although that depends on the definition of solid. He said that the league will announce an expansion process and timeline for teams 25-28 as early as December 15th, after the league’s board meeting.

Thankfully, the Q&A session after the address gave us a bit of an update on the Miami fiasco situation.

When asked if there is a solid timetable on Miami, Garber confirmed that there is a deadline. He neglected share it, but reiterated that is does exist.

He also said that the Miami fiasco situation needs to be resolved before the league moves on with teams 25-28 because Miami is 24. He did mention the possibility of Miami not getting resolved, which may or may not be a first, saying that there would need to be a lot of discussion among the MLS brass if that were to happen. However, he reiterated that resolving the Miami fiasco situation comes first.

So, in summary, Don Garber stuck with the tried and true MLS tactic of making an announcement of an announcement, promising more information to come next week.

Let’s hope it’ll have something concrete that we can dissect.

What are your thoughts on Garber’s comments today? What do you think about the chances of the Miami fiasco situation getting resolved? Sound off in the comments below!