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3 Questions with Dave Clark from Sounder at Heart

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Now that we are on SBN, we will ask the opposite team's blog to answer 3 questions about the team they cover. This week, we harassed Dave Clark, from SBN's Sounder at Heart. This is what he said.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

1. With all the roster turnover from last season it almost seems like this is an entirely new team for Seattle Sounders 2. Are there any concerns that turnover might result in a lack of cohesiveness and a slow start?

People going to S2 games wanting wins are likely to be disappointed. There's going to be some fun talent on the side, with Academy kids (some USYNT talents) playing up and first teamers playing down, but the core of S2 is mostly college graduates that will need to learn quickly and show that they are going to be MLS players within two years. Coach Hendrickson said his goal for players on the squad is that within a year or two they move up. He even mentioned that some of the talent let go were perfectly capable of being pro soccer players (many are on USL rosters, just not here), but the organization didn't think they'd be in MLS after another year with S2.

2. Last year Andy Craven was a big success story, starting out with S2 and then earning a first team contract. Are there any players you think could do the same this year?

Of the seven on USL deals the most likely to make the step is Myron Samuel. The St. Vincent and Grenadines striker had a stunning debut with S2 scoring twice and assisting once before blowing his knee just before half-time. He will look to follow Oalex Anderson's path from S2 to Sounders in less than a year.

Another interesting talent to track will be Zach Mathers. He's a deep-lying playmaker who fits perfectly into the 4-3-3 that the organization is now running. He's out of Duke where Coach Kerr has experience producing MLS talent.

3. Last year S2 made the playoffs in their first season. What are the expectations for this year?

There is no expectation to make the Playoffs. Everything about S2 should be about developing the most players that can regularly make the 18 at the MLS level. Gone are former MLS players like Aaron Long, Sam Garza and Ashani Fairclough. The only anchor player signed to an MLS deal is Amadou Sanyang. That means the squad will need good fortune to make a run, rather than just be 23-26 year olds in a final year or two of glory.

Editor's Note: Read Dave's update of the S2 roster here.