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More on MLS Expansion From Don Garber at Today's AP Sports Editor Conference

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of interesting MLS expansion and USL-related quotes from Don Garber at the AP Sports Editors Conference today. One of Sports Illustrated's soccer reporters, Alexander Abnos, was present and was firing away on Twitter with interesting tidbits. Here are the highlights that relate to Sacramento Republic FC and USL in general.

Prepare for tweets.

It looks like this next round of MLS expansion might be do or die for those cities looking to get in anytime in the near future. With four spots left and more than four cities mentioned, it looks as though someone is going to miss out.

Garber also commented a bit on the ongoing process with David Beckham's Miami expansion team.

So I guess MLS is hoping and expecting Miami to come along soon?

Finally, this wasn't directly from Garber himself, but it seems as though USL is still being considered as a testing ground for instant replay.

What do you think of these comments from Garber? Anything different in here or basically what we've heard before? Sound off in the comments below.