With St Louis FC coming to Bonney Field for the first time, and the very real potential that within a few short years this could be an MLS contest at a beautiful Railyards Park, I was led to a curiosity. What, if any, is the current MLS makeup of the Republic fan base?

I, for example, will obviously be rooting against St Louis Saturday night, but not against their MLS bid. However, should the day arrive on which there is a nice new park and team along the river under the arch, that will immediately become my second favorite MLS team in Missouri. I love SKC. Feilhaber, Zusi, Dwyer, et al, the best kits in MLS, a successful history...

With respect to expansion, and with all due respect to all potential bidders, I would personally love to see a second franchise in both Missouri and Ohio, and a representative in the Carolinas. I'm sure that wouldn't set well with Detroit, San Diego or anyone in Texas. If so, take comfort in the fact that no one is asking me.

Where does the rest of republic of Republic weigh in on preferences for expansion? And, maybe more interestingly, what about current loyalties toward existing MLS clubs, if any? NorCal? Most championships? Most recognizable names? Favorite kits? What are everyone's favorite teams, and why?

Gotta know! Just gotta!

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