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3 Questions with Bartosz Wysocki of Eighty Six Forever.

This week in preparation for the game against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, we take a few moments to pick the brain of Eighty Six Forever writer Bartosz Wysocki.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

1) Whitecaps 2 player Alphonso Davies is only 15 years old and was the youngest player in USL at the time he was signed from what I understand. Do you expect him to get a lot of playing time this season or is he more of a project for the future?

Alphonso Davies is definitely one of the most exciting signings we have had for the Whitecaps 2 side, and we hope that he gets as much playing time as possible for them. He started his very first game last week against rivals Portland Timbers 2, and he did not look out of place at all. Though he is young, he was able to register a shot on net, and we hope in the future that his shots turn into goals. So while a fifteen year old will always be a project for the  future, we think that he's a project for the seniors team future, and that he'll get many opportunities to shine for the reserves this season.

2) Whitecaps 2 has started out the season well, with 2 wins in 2 games. What has been a key part of the team's success so far?

So far, the Whitecaps 2 squad have improved in every measurable way. On the defensive end we've only let in one goal this season. Granted, it's only two games in, but we have looked solid defensively, with the only goal we let in against Portland being mostly due to a defensive brain fart from out back line.

Up top, four goals in two games is great, with our target men Daniel Haber and Kyle Greig getting on the board a couple times. They have looked clinical up top, and are bound to bag quite a few more throughout the season.

3) Who of the current Whitecaps 2 players would you say is most likely to move up to the first team this year?

While there are a few good players for Whitecaps 2 who have a decent shot at playing a few games for the first team, I think that defender Cole Seiler has the best shot to get a few games for the seniors. He was the first round draft pick in the Super Draft out of Georgetown, where he had a very successful career with the Hoyas. His position is currently held by veterans Kendall Waston and Tim Parker; however, Waston has a knack for getting yellows, so if he were to get suspended then Seiler has a legitimate chance to shine with the first team.