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Sacramento Republic vs Orange County Blues By The Numbers

A new week means new numbers. And these numbers don't always say pleasant things.

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

Being able to have some sort of naive optimism about Sacramento Republic's season is slowly becoming harder with a third straight 0-1 loss, but we still have to take a dive into the offensive futility and lineup chaos that has been the Republic's season so far.

18 - Times since 2011 that a USL team has lost three consecutive shutout games. The Republic made it 19 last weekend.

0 - Times before the Republic's current run that a USL team had suffered three consecutive 0-1 losses.

0 - Times that the Republic had lost three consecutive games prior to last weekend.

14 - Individual USL players who have outscored the Republic as a team this season.

1 - More goals from open play that Nemanja Vukovic has scored for Indy Eleven this season than the Republic has as a team.

3 - Most goals scored in the 2015 season in USL play by any Republic player that returned for 2016 (Guzman and Stewart).

20 - Different players who have started a game for the Republic this season.

6 - Different players who have started all six games for the Republic this season (Foran, Barrera, Christian, Koval, Klimenta, Jakubek)

4 - Different striker combinations the Republic have used this season (Stewart/Jahn, Stewart/Sherrod, Stewart/Iwasa, Williams/Pridham).

11 - The difference between the Republic's shots on goal taken and shots on goal allowed this season.

1 - Yellow cards picked up by Ivan Mirkovic at Bonney Field this season.

366 - Minutes since the Republic has scored a goal.

I got to thinking how long 366 minutes is (6 hours and 6 minutes) and what else can happen in that time. Here are some things that you can do in 366 minutes other than watch the Republic fail to score.

  • Fly from Sacramento to Los Angeles, watch the Republic's face off against Los Dos, and fly back.
  • Watch all but the final 10 minutes from the original Star Wars trilogy. Roll credits.
  • Watch all but the final 3 minutes from the three fastest men's marathons ever.
  • Walk 72.7% of a marathon.
  • Drive to San Jose from Sacramento, watch an Earthquakes game, and drive back.
  • Watch season 1 of The Walking Dead

What do you think of the lineup shifts?  What do you think about the scoring slump?  How would you spend six hours?  Let us know in the comments below.