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Question of the Week: What role do you see for Daniel Trickett-Smith?

It's time to play coach once again, this time giving our opinions on what to do with the Republic's newest English import.

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

With Daniel Trickett-Smith just getting his first league minutes this past weekend, we are turning our focus in this week's Question of the Week in his direction. Assuming a fully healthy Sacramento Republic team, what role do you want to see DTS play in league games?

Joshua Beeman (@Josh_Beeman)

First off, it should be said that Daniel Trickett-Smith is an obviously talented player, as he has shown in the short time he has been in Sacramento. He has put in some pretty good performances so far for the Republic and looks like he will be a big part of the team in the future. How soon we will arrive at that future is an interesting question.

Personally, I am not a fan of immediately putting DTS into the starting lineup week in and week out. Despite his obvious talent, he is still new to the team and has not proven to me that he deserves that starting spot. However, my reservations might be moot at this point since coach Buckle started him at left midfield this past weekend.

As far a where he should play and what role he should play, I think his preferred number 10 role would be ideal since that is where he feels most at home. However, since the Republic do not usually play with a traditional number 10, I would like him to play where he did last weekend at wide midfield. This would allow him to start outside but drift into the middle of the field, providing a numbers advantage for the Republic and allowing him to get into a central position to create some chances for the forwards.

George Shiel (@GeorgeMShiel)

Daniel Trickett-Smith brought great energy and helped create some scoring opportunities last Saturday. He is a true attacking player and could make a great #10 for the Republic. I believe he could get the start this Wednesday for the U.S. Open Cup match.

As for league play, Trickett-Smith should come off the bench for a few matches to bring in some extra energy late in games. I'd like to see Harry Williams and Thomas Stewart get some more starts together.

To really ramp up some scoring opportunities, the Republic could experiment with Trickett-Smith at mid with Williams and Stewart up top. I feel that Trickett-Smith is a long term project who could become a prolific attacker by the time the Republic make the jump to MLS.

Evan Eyster (@IronPonyChef)

While its no denying that Trickett-Smith is an immensely talented striker, I think that the Republic needs to work him into the starting roster instead of trying to force him into the #10 spot. While I think that Trickett-Smith is a better player than Tommy Stewart is right now, there needs to be an element of leadership in the front that Stewart provides.

Most of the strikers for Sacramento are younger and newer to the team than their midfield counterparts, and I think having a player up front who is far more familiar with the way that the team works and how the midfield thinks is something that will be very valuable moving forward.

Play Trickett-Smith all you want in the Open Cup and in friendlies to hasten his ability to adapt to the team. For now though, a rotation that sees Williams and Stewart starting, and then bringing in Trickett-Smith around 60' I think is the best way to utilize the available talent.  My biggest fear with thrusting him into a starting role is a disconnect between the midfield and the strikers, and since Sacramento hasn't been firing on all cylinders lately, a disconnect is a risk that I am not willing to take.

What type of role do you want Trickett-Smith playing this year?  Let us know in the comments!