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USL Eastern Conference Power Rankings: Week 6

Updates and a new leader, the Week 6 Power Rankings are here!

Photo Credit: Kyle Mahnke

Week 6 is in the books, and our Power Rankings are back! These rankings are accurate through the May 1st contest between Orlando City B and FC Montreal.

An important note about these rankings: An average club is rated 1100 and tiebreakers go to the club that has played more matches.

We have also revised our system a bit, read up on those revisions here. For the rest of the system, check out this article here.


1 (Last Week- 2). Louisville City (1116)

Last Week: Draw 2-2 vs Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Draw 0-0 vs Bethlehem on Sunday

This Week: @ Toronto FC II (Wednesday)

After two consecutive weeks in second place, Louisville makes their first appearance at the top of the rankings.

2 (7). Charlotte (1112)

Last Week: Won 2-0 vs New York Red Bulls II on Sunday

This Week: vs FC Montreal (Saturday)

Charlotte has quickly moved to a top four spot after a 2-0 win that ended NYRB II's unbeaten streak.

3 (1). New York Red Bulls II (1111)

Last Week: Lost 2-0 vs Charlotte on Sunday

This Week: @ Pittsburgh (Saturday)

Being shutout at home is never good -- especially if no one was there to see it. That loss moved the Baby Bulls down two spots.

3 (4). Rochester (1111)

Last Week: Won 2-1 vs Harrisburg on Saturday

This Week: vs Charleston (Friday)

A solid win has Rochester moving up to a tie for third place with NYRB II.

5 (6). Richmond (1107)

Last Week: Won 1-0 vs Toronto FC II on Saturday

This Week: vs Wilmington (Saturday)

Richmond seem to have recovered from their two game slide with a quality home victory over Toronto FC II.

6 (3). FC Cincinnati (1105)

Last Week: Draw 1-1 vs Wilmington on Saturday

This Week: @ Orlando City B (Wednesday), @ Harrisburg (Saturday)

Over 11,000 braved the rain to see FC Cincinnati play to a draw against Wilmington. FC Cincinnati have the biggest fall of the week, dropping three spots in the rankings.

7 (5). Charleston (1105)

Last Week: Draw 1-1 vs Pittsburgh on Saturday

This Week: @ Rochester (Friday)

Despite extending their home unbeaten streak to 28 matches, the Battery fall two spots this week. Friday's match against the Rochester Rhinos is shaping up to be a competitive one.

8 (8). Wilmington (1102)

Last Week: Draw 1-1 vs FC Cincinnati on Saturday

This Week: @ Richmond (Saturday)

The Hammerheads earned a hard fought draw on a rainy night in Ohio, leaving the club hovering at the midpoint of our rankings.

9 (9). Toronto FC II (1096)

Last Week: Lost 1-0 vs Richmond on Saturday

This Week: vs Louisville City (Wednesday)

Toronto FC II will get a chance for revenge against Richmond in two weeks. In the meantime, they have to get through top-ranked Louisville.

9 (11). Harrisburg (1096)

Last Week: Won 2-1 vs Orlando City B on Monday, Lost 2-1 vs Rochester on Saturday

This Week: vs FC Cincinnati (Saturday)

Harrisburg split their two matches last week, which moved them up to ninth with a chance to break into the top half of the rankings with a game against FC Cincinnati.

11 (10). Bethlehem (1094)

Last Week: Draw 0-0 vs Louisville City on Sunday

This Week: @ Orlando City B (Saturday)

Two straight 0-0 draws for Bethlehem. The Steel will be looking to find the back of the net when the travel to face OCB this week.

12 (12). Pittsburgh (1091)

Last Week: Draw 2-2 vs Louisville City on Wednesday, Draw 1-1 vs Charleston on Saturday

This Week: vs New York Red Bulls II (Saturday)

Pittsburgh faced two top clubs on the road this past week and came away with two draws, enough to hold on to the 12th spot.

13 (13). Orlando City B (1086)

Last Week: Lost 2-1 vs Harrisburg on Monday, Won 1-0 vs FC Montreal on Sunday

This Week: vs FC Cincinnati  (Wednesday), vs Bethlehem (Saturday)

OCB split their matches last week with a loss against Harrisburg and a win over FC Montreal. The Little Lions have two more ahead of them this week.

14 (14). FC Montreal (1074)

Last Week: Lost 1-0 vs Orlando City B on Sunday

This Week: @ Charlotte (Saturday)

Another match, another loss, and another week in the basement for FC Montreal.


We have a new leader in the rankings, Louisville City, who also currently sit atop the Eastern Conference table.

Charlotte made the largest gain this week, jumping five spots to second after their shutout victory over NYRBII, which saw the Baby Bulls relinquish their top spot.

FC Cincinnati and Charleston both dropped in the rankings after draws at home.

Orlando City B walked away from the Battle in the Basement with a victory against FC Montreal, casting the latter team down even further.

What are your thought's on this week's rankings? Which clubs surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!