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Loan or not, Adam Jahn has been big for the Republic recently

The San Jose Earthquakes striker has been an important part in making the Republic offense that had previously hovered between bad and mediocre into one that is squarely in ok-to-good territory.

Photo Gallery: Sacramento Republic vs Real Monarchs SLC Indomitable City Soccer/ Alex Leguizamo

San Jose Earthquakes striker Adam Jahn is not exactly an unfamiliar face in Sacramento. The Davis native has suited up the the Republic sporadically since the club played its first game in USL, most often in the 2014 season when he played 20 games. Last year an Old-Glory-Red-sporting Jahn was more a memory than reality, with the big man only playing no games at all in Sacramento. What a relief it is, then, that Jahn is making the most of the seven games he has had with the Republic so far this year.

Jahn has been an important part of the Republic’s recent offensive success. His hold-up play has helped transform an offense that previously hovered between bad and mediocre into one that is squarely in ok-to-good territory. Jahn has played in four of the Republic’s last five games and in that time they have scored eight of their 15 total goals. Jahn himself has scored two of those, both game winners.

His contribution does not end with the goals he personally scores, however. Although he does not often provide the final ball for an assist — in fact, he has not recorded a single assist in his 27 total appearances for the Republic — he has been important in setting up those around him to score goals.

For example, on Daniel Trickett-Smiths’s goal against LA Galaxy II, Jahn draws the attention of a Los Dos defender, allowing DTS to sneak through unnoticed and score the equalizer.

Jahn also made an important contribution in the win against Real Monarchs in Reno. Not only did he score the game winner, but he was also important in the buildup for Cameron Iwasa’s goal that day.

Jahn contested the 50/50 header and while he didn’t exactly win it outright, he forced a poor clearance and created the circumstances for the goal to happen. Those are the types of balls forward we saw from the Republic early on in the season, just sending the ball long and hoping someone would get on the end of it. Only now, Jahn can actually get on the end of it and try to make something happen.

Coach Paul Buckle obviously realizes Jahn’s importance. Not only has he said so on multiple occasions, he has also lobbied the Earthquakes to make him available for the Republic when he otherwise might not have been.

I cannot tell you whether or not Jahn will be with the Republic this weekend in Arizona. I’ve tried my hand at loan prognostication in the past and it has not worked out.

What I can tell you is that the Republic will be in a tougher spot offensively if the Davis native is not available. Of course, the offense will not collapse without Jahn on the field, but it may struggle more than it has in the past few weeks.

What do you think about Adam Jahn’s importance to the Republic? Sound off in the comments below.