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Western Conference Power Rankings, Week 13

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Whitecaps 2 took back the top spot in our rankings just one week after giving it up to Colorado Springs Switchbacks. However, aside from another switch at the top, little else changed near the top of the rankings from week 12 to week 13. The core seven teams that have been dominating the top of the table continued to stay on top, even with the Switchbacks, Saint Louis and Los Angeles faltering. The second group is starting to show signs of settling out.  Both San Antonio and Arizona are making pushes back to the average ranking of 1100 and putting some breathing room between them and the rest of the pack.

Important to note on our rankings: 1100 is considered an average club, with tiebreakers going to the club that has played more matches.

Read up on our system here, and its slight improvement here.


1 (Last Week - 2) Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (1132)

Last Week: Defeated Portland Timbers (1-0)

This Week: @Oklahoma City Energy (Saturday)

After falling from the top of the pile last week, the Whitecaps have immediately taken back the top spot with a late game winner against Portland. A battle against an Oklahoma City squad that has been very up and down over the previous two weeks could increase their lead or send the Whitecaps out of the top slot once again.

2 (1) Colorado Springs Switchbacks (1128)

Last Week: Lost to San Antonio FC (1-2)

This Week: vs Real Monarchs (Sunday)

A surprising loss to San Antonio saw the Switchbacks relinquish their hold on the first place spot in our rankings. A match against a Monarchs team that has dropped three straight games by a single goal awaits this week.

3 (5) Sacramento Republic (1120)

Last Week: Defeated Rio Grande Valley Toros (3-2)

This Week: @Arizona United (Saturday)

Call it a lucky goal at the end to win, but Sacramento has suddenly turned into a team that can score. Now the Republic has scored two or more in five of their last seven and look to take that threat into Arizona, who have only given up one goal in their last two games.

4 (7) Oklahoma City Energy (1120)

Last Week: Defeated Swope Park Rangers (3-1)

This Week: vs Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (Saturday)

Oklahoma City responded well after their poor loss against the Toros, comfortably downing Swope Park Rangers. With a win this Saturday against what could be a vulnerable Whitecaps side, OKC can reach new heights this weekend.

5 (3) Los Angeles Galaxy II (1118)

Last Week: Drew Tulsa Roughnecks (2-2)

This Week: vs Tulsa Roughnecks (Friday)

At the end of the season, Los Dos will look back at their draw against Tulsa and see a lost opportunity. However, they have an immediate rematch and Tulsa has only scored multiple goals in back-to-back games once this season.

6 (4) Rio Grande Valley Toros (1112)

Last Week: Lost to Sacramento Republic (2-3)

This Week: vs Arizona United (Wednesday), vs Orange County Blues (Sunday)

A late fluke goal cost the Toros a point in Sacramento, but they proved that they could harass one of the strongest defenses in the league with their up-tempo play. This week they get two games against conservative teams who tend to have low scoring games.

7 (6) Saint Louis FC (1110)

Last Week: Lost to Arizona United (1-2)

This Week: vs Portland Timbers 2 (Saturday)

Like clockwork, Saint Louis responds to a high scoring win with a loss.  Looking forward, Saint Louis has yet to lose when coming off a game where they allowed two or more goals. They will look to keep that streak alive when Portland comes to town this Saturday.

8 (8) San Antonio FC (1097)

Last Week: Defeated Colorado Springs Switchbacks (2-1)

This Week: vs Orange County Blues (Thursday)

San Antonio took a surprise win against Colorado Springs Switchbacks and now looks forward to facing off against Orange County Blues, where a win will put them above 1100 for the first time in over a month.

9 (10) Arizona United (1095)

Last Week: Defeated Saint Louis FC (2-1)

This Week: @Rio Grande Valley Toros (Wednesday), vs Sacramento Republic (Saturday)

Arizona continues to make the argument that they are playoff contenders with a win over Saint Louis. Two more potential playoff teams come to visit this week and a pair of good performances can set AZU apart from the rest of the teams on the outside looking in.

10 (13) Orange County Blues (1089)

Last Week: Defeated Real Monarchs (1-0)

This Week: @San Antonio FC (Thursday), @Rio Grande Valley Toros (Sunday)

A penalty is all the Blues needed to take down the Monarchs and record their 5th 1-0 win of the season. OCB will look to keep pace with San Antonio and Arizona in their two game Texas roadtrip this week.

11 (12) Portland Timbers 2 (1084)

Last Week: Lost to Vancouver Whitecaps 2 (0-1)

This Week: @Saint Louis FC (Saturday)

Portland has given up goals in eight of their last nine games.  For a team that has only recorded four multi-goal games this season, that is a trend that needs to be fixed.  A visit to a Saint Louis team that tends to bounce back following losses is a frightening prospect for T2.

12 (11) Real Monarchs (1084)

Last Week: Lost to Orange County Blues (0-1)

This Week: @Colorado Springs Switchbacks (Sunday)

The Monarchs have now lost four 0-1 games this season. A trip to a strong defensive Colorado Springs team might increase that number to five games.

13 (9) Swope Park Rangers (1083)

Last Week: Lost to Oklahoma City Energy (1-3)

This Week: @Seattle Sounders 2 (Sunday)

Swope Park Ranger continue to be a very up and down side, now having allowed three goals in back to back games after a 4-0 drubbing of Rio Grande Valley. A trip to Tukwila to face a Sounders 2 team that is finally showing signs of life might be risky for SPR and their new mascot.

14 (14) Seattle Sounders 2 (1069)

Last Week: Bye Week

This Week: vs Swope Park Rangers (Sunday)

The Sounders have won two games in a row, and look to make it three in a row against a Swope Park Rangers side that has given up eight goals in their last four games. A win this Sunday would give S2 their second three game win streak in club history.

15 (15) Tulsa Roughnecks (1053)

Last Week: Drew Los Angeles Galaxy II (2-2)

This Week: @Los Angeles Galaxy II (Friday)

A hard fought draw ended a good Galaxy II team's four game win streak. The Roughnecks look to build on the momentum of that draw with an immediate rematch against Los Dos this Friday.


Biggest Rise: Oklahoma City Energy, Orange County Blues (+3)

Biggest Fall: Swope Park Rangers (-4)

The biggest matchup of this week is going to be Vancouver Whitecaps 2 traveling to Oklahoma City Energy. The Whitecaps will look to hold on to their top spot on the table, while Oklahoma will try to make a push into the top three in our rankings.

A win by San Antonio in their match against Orange County can give us eight teams over the 1100 average mark for the first time since early May.

Arizona United is in a similar boat; if they take a road win in Rio Grande Valley they will also reach 1100 in our rankings for the first time since the start of April.

Do you think that we will see a second team in the West reach 1100?  Will the Whitecaps and Switchbacks continue to trade places at the top of the West?  Let us know what you think in the comments below