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Republic By The Numbers: Week 21

Indomitable City Soccer/Alex Leguizamo

In the 4-3 win in Saint Louis, which we ALL saw coming, Sacramento Republic looked like an entirely different team for the first 30 minutes of the game. Unfortunately, they later regressed into a team that likes to surrender late goals once more, and what could have been a dominant win ended up much too close to a draw.

Let's look at last week's game again, by the numbers.

55 -€” Consecutive regular season USL games that Republic had gone without scoring at four or more goals in a single game.  The last time they scored that many was in their 6-1 win over the Orange County Blues on August 17th, 2014.

3 -€” Number of times Republic had recorded three first half goals in a single game prior to the win in Saint Louis.

7 -€” Total goals scored in last Saturday's game, tying a record high for Republic which has occurred twice before. The two other times were the 4-3 win over Colorado Rapids Reserves on June 20th, 2014 and the aforementioned 6-1 win over Orange County Blues on August 17th, 2014.

1 -€” Times that the Republic has lost when at least six goals are scored in a game. The one loss came against Seattle Sounders 2 in the 2015 season opener. Republic hold a 3-1-2 all-time record in the USL regular season when at least six goals are scored.

3 -€” USL games in which Republic has allowed at least three goals this season.

4 -€” USL games in which Republic allowed at least three goals in their first two seasons

6 -€” Goals allowed by Republic at the 80th minute or later this season.

8 -€” Games that the Republic has won by one goal this season.

15 -€” Consecutive Republic league matches that have either resulted in a draw or been decided by a single goal.

14 -€” Different players who have scored for Republic this season after JJ Koval added his name to the list.

2 -€” Number of players who have scored at least three goals. Cameron Iwasa has€” 9, Mike da Fonte has 3.

30 -€” Percent of all of the Republic's goals this USL season that have been scored by Cameron Iwasa.

28.6 -€” Percent of first half goals scored in Republic games this season that occurred in the Saint Louis game.

3 -€” Number of previous games in which the Republic have been outscored in the second half and still won the game.

1 -€” Times the Republic has ever lost multiple regular season games to the same opponent in a single season.

After a week that provided us with both some great goals and some undue stress, the Republic has continued to be a team who will always be in a close game late -- for better or for worse.  Looking ahead, they have another chance at a rematch against a team who beat them earlier in the season when they host Portland Timbers 2. Will they get revenge?  Will there be another high scoring game?  Check back next week for more numbers.